Find your passion

At Ave Maria University, clubs stand as vibrant pillars within our close-knit community. While other universities boast sororities and fraternities, we take pride in our unique club culture. These diverse groups offer students a rich tapestry of experiences, fostering connections and shared passions. Much like holy households, clubs at AMU become hubs for collaboration, growth, and lasting friendships. Engage in dynamic events, pursue common interests, and forge bonds that echo the camaraderie of cherished Catholic families. Welcome to a community where clubs aren't just extracurriculars – they're avenues for lifelong connections and personal enrichment.

AMU Art Club

Learn techniques, create diverse artwork, and foster a love for art among students.

Ave For Life

Ave for Life actively fosters a pro-life culture through prayer, volunteering, and events.

Ave Jazz

Ave Jazz Club shares music, supporting student musicians to nurture and showcase their talents on campus.

Ave Maria Best Buddies

Ave Maria Best Buddies fosters friendships between AMU students and those with special needs in Ave Maria.

Biochemistry Club

The Biochemistry Club fosters community, supports majors, and ignites passion for sciences.

Camerata di Ave Maria

Camerata di Ave Maria enhances Mass with beautiful music at St. Xavier Chapel and Ave Maria Parish.

Campus Care

Campus Care supports Ave Maria students with pro-life values, offering resources for pregnant and parenting students.

Chess Club

A club dedicated to the Game of Kings.


Equestrian haven: Ave Maria's club fosters skill development, personal growth, and community bonds through a shared passion for horses.

Flannery O’Connor Literature Club

The O'Connor Club elevates literature, emphasizing its significance as both recreation and intellectual pursuit.

Future Teachers Club

Sponsoring activities, discussions for education majors/minors, fostering idea-sharing and learning.

Keepers of His House

Promote stewardship at Ave Maria University by implementing recycling and composting practices on campus.

Life Runners

Defending life through running: Ave Maria's chapter raises awareness, advocates for the voiceless unborn with dedication and compassion.

Model United Nations

Global diplomacy and skills: Ave Maria's Model UN club empowers students through debates, cooperation, and informed problem-solving.

Nursing Club

Excellence in nursing: Ave Maria's club supports academic, professional growth through activities, networking, and fostering camaraderie.

Philosophy Club

Intellectual exploration: Ave Maria's Philosophy Club fosters deep inquiry through discussions, debates, seminars, and thought-provoking events.

Pre-Health Club

Supporting aspiring healthcare professionals: Ave Maria's Pre-Health Club fosters insights, skills enhancement, community service, mentorship, and leadership.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Waltzing Club

Graceful ballroom dancing: Ave Maria's club celebrates elegance, offering lessons, practice, and social events. Inclusive environment for joyous dancing.

Snorkel and Scuba Club

Thrilling underwater adventures: Ave Maria's club explores marine wonders, promotes conservation, and fosters unforgettable aquatic experiences.

Swing Dance Club

Lively swing dancing: Ave Maria's club fosters joy, friendship, and community through lessons, social dances, and themed events.

The Ave Maria University ACM Chapter (Computer Science Club)

Innovation, collaboration, tech exploration: Advancing computer science education, fostering vibrant community, providing hands-on opportunities for skill development.

Thomistic Institute Chapter

Catholic thought exploration: Thomistic Institute delves into faith-reason intersection, fostering truth-seeking scholars.

Turning Point USA

Conservative activism, free-market advocacy: Empowering students for political discourse, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Wojtyla Society (Psychology Club)

Faith and psychology intersection: Wojtyla Society explores the human mind through a Catholic lens, fostering understanding, compassion, and ethical practice.

Women in Business Club

Empowering women with skills, networking, and community for success in business.