Find Community and fellowship

Households are a core element of the Ave Maria community. Other universities have sororities and fraternities. At AMU, we have holy households! Households provide supportive communities for students to deepen their faith through prayer, service, events, and intentional friendships. These same-sex groups come together, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, for weekly commitments to prayer, growing in specific virtues, and emulating patron saints.Members of a household share meals, attend Mass, and participate in various social and community activities. The bonds formed in these communities are often as tight as the holiest Catholic families—students find lifelong friendships in their household brothers and sisters.

Women's Households

Fiat Voluntas Tua men embrace God's will, cultivate virtues, inspired by St. Teresa, St. Edith, St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio.

Vessels of Mercy sisters radiate God's love through prayer, sacrifice, and St. Faustina's example. Changing the world with mercy.

Daughters of Theotokos embrace femininity, seek truth, reflecting God's face. Inspired by St. Zelie, Our Lady of Sorrows, and JPII.

Daughters of God embrace virtue, reflect St. Josemaria's example. Inspired by Mary, St. Joseph, we grow in obedience and holiness.

Mystical Rose sisters unite with Christ, emptying selves for His love. Inspired by St. Mother Teresa, St. Therese, we radiate His love.

Verso il Cielo sisters embrace poverty of spirit, gift of self, and missionary zeal. Inspired by Bl. Pier Giorgio, St. Philip Neri, St. Augustine, Our Lady.

Asteria tis Marias women mirror Mary's virtues, bearing Christ's light to dispel darkness. Inspired by her, we illuminate the world.

Talitha Koum women grow intimately with the Father, inspired by saints and guided by Our Lady.

Stella Maris women cultivate sisterhood, inspired by Our Lady and guided by St. Catherine, St. Thomas, and St. Martin.

Men's Households

Alethes Arete

Alethes Arete men pursue excellence through Imitatio Christi, embodying true manhood spiritually, academically, and socially, inspiring others to follow.

The Lions of Judah

Lions of Judah pursue authentic manhood, virtue, and evangelization, drawing inspiration from David, Savio, Francis, Paul, and Joseph.

Filii in Filio

Filii in Filio men prioritize loving God, neighbor. Embracing Christ's sonship, we pursue holiness, service, brotherhood, and chivalry.

Ardens Virtus

Ardens Virtus men embrace baptism's Spirit, courageously facing life's battles with prayer, sacrifice, and brotherly love.

Immaculata Vincet

Immaculata Vincet men, student-athletes consecrated to Christ through Mary, embody high-value leadership, service, brotherhood, guided by St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men, responding to Christ's call, detach from the world, dedicate to His teachings, joyfully share the Gospel.

Praecursores Verbi

Praecursores Verbi men, inspired by St. John the Baptist, pursue virtue, holiness, and joy through Liturgy, prayer, and brotherhood.