Fishers of Men


As Fishers of Men, we actively respond to Christ’s exhortation to the first apostles and to all members of the Catholic Church. Christ came to St. Peter and St. Andrew, saying to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men,” (Mark 1:16). Inspired by this call, Peter and Andrew dropped everything and followed Christ, the One who would teach them how to be true fishers of men. Similarly, as a brotherhood, we live our daily lives with the goal of detaching ourselves from the world so we can dedicate our lives fully to Christ’s call. We take the joyful message Christ proclaims in the Gospel and seek to share it with others. Furthermore, we strive to truly know, understand, and follow the teachings of the Catholic Church so we can reveal it to the whole world and be true fishers of men.


Household Leader:

Chris Hermann

Our Mission:

To grow in holiness based on the call of Christ to leave your nets and follow him completely. (Matt. 4:19)

Our Patron Saints:

Mary, Queen of the Universe

St. Joseph Terror of Demons

St. Patrick Apostle of Ireland

St. Peter and all the Holy Fishers of Men

How You Can Join Our Household:

Pledge to a leader and attend our weekly commitments. If the household accepts your commitment, you are promoted to an Intent. After initiation week you become a member.