Vessels of Mercy


As a sisterhood of the Vessels of Mercy, we are dedicated to becoming vessels of God’s mercy to the world. Through prayer, daily acts of sacrifice, and mortification, we unite all we are to the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. The blood and water which flowed from His most sacred side continuously reminds us to die to ourselves and radiate His unending mercy and love to others. We take what our Lord revealed to St. Faustina as an example of how to live as vessels of His mercy, especially when He said, “I demand from you deeds of mercy which are to arise out of love for me. You are to show mercy to your neighbors always and everywhere” (Diary 742). By God’s grace, we will change the world, softening the hearts of those around us through our prayers, words, and actions.


Household Leader:

Elise Thompson, Bridget Bogan, Megan Gallop

Our Mission:

We the Vessels of Mercy, gather together in order to unite our daily actions and sufferings with the perfect sacrafice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. As our Lord poured out his blood and water as a fountain of unending mercy and Love we wish to die to ourselves completely and reflect the same love and mercy. We desire to be faithful light bearers; true vessels of divine mercy. “IN TE CONFIDO IESU.”

Our Patron Saints:

St. Faustina

St. John Paul the Great

St. Longinus

St. Margaret Mary

St. Joseph Terror of Demons

Our Lady Queen of Mercy

How You Can Join Our Household:

Potential member must attend open meetings, discern, write a letter of intent and send it to a leader. Household will read letter and discern. If accepted the intent must complete the intent week and sign the household covenant to be considered a full fledged Vessel of Mercy.