Daughters of God


As Daughters of God, we strive to actively live as true children of our Lord by pursuing a life of virtue. We aim to take after our patron, St. Josemaria Escriva, who exemplifies the virtues of gratitude, purity, humility, and obedience. Our desire is to grow in these virtues to become a walking monstrance of Christ’s presence to others. As we strive to do so, we turn to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as an example of how to be true daughters of God by being rooted in His love. To grow in obedience to God’s will in our lives, we also seek to imitate the obedience and humility of St. Joseph. Together, as a sisterhood, we call each other to become saints by growing in our identities as daughters of God.


Household Leader:

Lillian Brodeur

Our Mission:

With Mary as our model, we pursue holiness by following the Will of the Father in every circumstance, choice, and encounter of our ordinary lives. Our virtues are gratitude, humility, purity, and obedience.

Our Patron Saints:

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

St. Joseph

St. Josemaría Escrivá

How You Can Join Our Household:

We encourage students to join us in prayer at our open meetings and events! During both semesters we have open meeting periods with an opportunity to submit a letter of intent and formally join.