Get active

Intramural sports at Ave Maria University play a pivotal role in enriching student life, promoting not just physical fitness but also camaraderie and personal growth. These activities offer a welcoming platform for students to engage in healthy competition, learn valuable life skills like teamwork and perseverance, and foster a sense of belonging within the university community. By participating, students contribute to a dynamic and inclusive campus atmosphere, highlighting our commitment to developing well-rounded individuals. Ave Maria has 6 intramural sports with regularly scheduled league play.


Judi's Gym Pickleball: 2v2 tournament. Men's, women's, mixed pairs welcome.


Golisano 5v5 hoops, regulation games, men's & women's leagues. Refs, scorekeepers, intense action!

Flag Football

This non-contact sport welcomes players of all abilities and sizes to experience collegiate-level football.

Sand Volleyball

Suppa Malec Beach Courts: Coed 6v6 volleyball, thrilling matches, champions crowned in best-of-three games.


AMU Kickball: Coed, 9 players, softball field, stadium lights. Kick, not bat. Equipment provided.


Gyrene Field Coed 7v7 soccer: no offside, traditional rules, 2 refs. Unlimited substitutions, equipment provided.